Softcomp is a Project
of the European Commission
developed under the
6th Framework Programme.
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Research Platforms
The research platforms assemble the different technical and scientific abilities present in the network. They are grouped in three areas:

1. Synthesis
2. Experimental Techniques
3. Theoretical and Numerical Methods

The joint use of the Research Platforms plays a major role in achieving integration between the SoftComp partners.

How to proceed...

Once you found samples, equipment or theoretical tools, there are two ways to proceed.

1.One is to use your existing SoftComp funding. In this case you communicate directly with your contact of the platform and make arrangements directly.

2.If you need additional funding you have to apply for central SoftComp funding for a platform visit. In this case use the following link:

In both cases after the platform visit, sample exchange, or any other interaction with the platform you need to report the nature of the collaboration. In this case please use the following link:

For details of what each platform can offer please choose one of the left navigation bar headings.

An additional feature is the SoftComp dedicated cluster, which is available to SoftComp members. Please see left navigation bar: > Theoretical, > Computing facility

Last modified: 18/06/2008