Softcomp is a Project
of the European Commission
developed under the
6th Framework Programme.
© 2005 SoftComp
Network areas
The scientific aspects covered by the SoftComp NoE are the content of the following 3 Network Areas, dealing with different material composites:

Network Area 1: Colloidal Composites, Gels and Glasses Network Area Coordinators D.Vlassopoulos, FORTH, Greece, and M.Cloitre, ESPCI, Paris, France

Network Area 2: Self-assembling and Biomimetic Systems Network Area Coordinators P.Bassereau, Institute Curie, France, and G.Gompper, Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany

Network Area 4: Polimer Based Complex Systems Network Area Coordinators J.Colmenero, Univ. Basque Country, Spain, and D.Richter, FZJ, Juelich, Germany

Former Network Area 5 has merged into Network Area 1 and Network Area 3 has merged into Network Area 2