Softcomp is a Project
of the European Commission
developed under the
6th Framework Programme.
© 2005 SoftComp
Internal pages
You are accessing a restricted area!

Only if you are directly involved in the SoftComp project, you are entitled to access these pages.

Please contact first the SoftComp Project Manager to get a temporary login and password to access the "New User Redistration, only" page, see left navigation bar.
After you have registered with this temporary login and password you will receive an email with your regularly password.
Your login always will be the email address you used for registration.
You can change your password afterwards to your own preferences using the link
"Change your password"under the SoftComp user area page.
Should you have forgotten your password, please use the link
"Forgot your password?"
under the SoftComp user area page.

For easy access, most of the SoftComp user facilities have been concentrated at the web page
“SoftComp User Area”, see left navigation bar.This user area allows you to use:

“Forums”and to be invited for discussions.
“Meetings registration” allows you to register online for meetings and conferences.
“Online proposals” system will help you to submit proposals regarding SoftComp networking activities online.
"Online reporting" simplifies the growing reporting demands.
"Personal and Scientic Data"Allow you to update your own data online.
"SoftComp Scientific Date Base". Allows you to overview actual SoftComp research fields and special qualifications interesting for new cooperations.