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6th Framework Programme.
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SoftComp Education & Outreach Portal

Dissemination of Knowledge and Education:
Dissemination of knowledge and education within SoftComp is partly organized through the organization of schools, lab courses, workshops and conferences. During the last years, SoftComp has identified a number of events that are now organized regularly, the so-called core events of SoftComp. These events have been chosen such that they span the different types of soft matter systems that are studied within SoftComp as well as the major experimental techniques that play an important role.
In addition, attention is paid to theoretical methods and simulation techniques. A yearly industrial workshop workshop is organized, where the industrial partners can express their interests to academia and in order to strengthen academic and industrial contacts.
Parallel to these core events, specialized schools, lab courses, and topical workshops are organized whenever there is a need to do so.
Topical workshops are organized whenever there is a mutual scientific interest in two or more of the network research areas within SoftComp that needs further mutual exploration.

The regular schools and lab courses that are organized are on the Education page.