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Calendar 2012
Date Event Venue Contact & further
12-15 December 2012 Cell Shape Changes: Cell Motility and Morphogenesis Paris, France Dr. J.Plastino
12-14 December 2012 DYNACOP Conference - Dynamics of Architecturally Complex Polymers: Current and Future Trends Leeds, United Kingdom Dr. P.Grant
7-9 November 2012 Frontiers in Biomolecular Sciences: From Molecules to Cells Juelich, Germany Prof. G.Gompper
8-11 October 2012 Trends and Perspectives in Neutron Scattering for Soft Matter and Biophysics Tutzing, Germany Dr. R.Bruchhaus
12-19 September 2012 Polymeric Materials Halle (Saale), Germany Prof. Dr. W.Paul
11-13 September 2012 Faraday Discussion 161: Lipids and Membrane Biophysics London, United Kingdom Dr. J.M.Seddon
3-14 September 2012 16th JCNS Laboratory Course on Neutron Scattering Juelich and Garching, Germany Dr. R.Zorn
3-13 July 2012 Physics of Complex Colloids Varenna, Italy Prof. F.Sciortino
7-14 June 2012 11th European Summer school on Scattering Methods Applied to Soft Condensed Matter Bombannes, France Dr. J.Oberdisse
28 May - 2 June 2012 Laboratory Course on Dielectric Spectroscopy San Sebastian, Spain Prof. A.Alegria
28 May - 1 June 2012 SoftComp Annual meeting 2012 Heraklion, Greece Dr. F.Carsughi
7-11 May 2012 NaNaX5. Nanoscience with Nanocrystals Fuengirola, Spain Prof. L.Liz-Marzan
20-23 March 2012 Colloidal Dispersions in External Fields Bonn, Germany Prof. H.Loewen
14-21 March 2012 8th Course on Epigenetics Paris, France Dr. G.Almouzni
5-16 March 2012 43rd IFF Spring School 2012: Scattering Methods for Condensed Matter Research: Towards Novel Applications at Future Sources Juelich, Germany Prof. D.Richter
9 January - 10 February 2012 Molecular Biology of the Cell Paris, France Dr. P.Chavrier
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