Softcomp is a Project
of the European Commission
developed under the
6th Framework Programme.
© 2005 SoftComp
SoftComp structure

The management structure is composed of different bodies.

The Network Governing Board (NGB), consisting of one voting representative of all partners involved in the NoE will be responsible for the legally binding decisions of the network-related matters on the strategic level.

The co-ordination of the network is the responsibility of a Network Co-ordination Committee (NCC) . The co-ordination committee is the decision making body for issues related to the project management and co-ordination.

An International Advisory Board (IAB) of persons from the relevant scientific and technological areas (industry and academia) advises the NGB.

The NCC and the NGB are chaired by the Network Coordinator who is the intermediary to the commission and who holds the responsibility for the administration of the network together with the NCC.

A Network Office (NO) run by the Network Manager (NM) has been installed to support the administrative duties of the network co-ordinator and the NCC, as well as to prepare advice in legal matters.

The network is structured in Network Areas, which have been defined by the NGB. Each network area corresponds to a scientific area in which the integration is carried out. Each chairman of the Network Area Board is member of the NCC and coordinates the work packages defined in 6.8 and 9.

Specific Task Forces dealing with intellectual property, dissemination and exploitation and gender equality advise the NCC in these matters.

Similarly, Network Platforms have been set up to in the areas of synthesis, experimental techniques and theory and computing, which are topics that need to be integrated across the different network areas.

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