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What is a Network of Excellence?
The Network of Excellence is a tool developed under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) dealing with the integration of European research. Each Network of Excellence is intended to strengthen scientific and technological excellence in a well defined field by bringing together the European partners with the ambitious goal to form an European scientific grouping leading in the world.

The first aim of a Network of Excellence, therefore, is the progressive and durable integration enabling excellence in the respective scientific field. Moreover, the partners of a Network of Excellence have also the mission to spread excellence outside the Network and to train and educate scientists with their expertise. Networks of Excellence are related to the specific thematic areas of the Sixth Framework Programme and a critical mass is needed to assemble the expertise and resources able to accomplish the tasks.

The Joint Programme of Activities (JPA) of a Network of Excellence includes the Joint Programme of Integration (JPI), the Joint Programme of Spreading and dissemination of knowledge (JPS), the Joint Programme of Research (JPR) and management; special attention is payed also to the promotion of the gender equality.
A more detailed information on this instrument of the EU can be found under FP6 information

Furthermore the European Commission has recently published the brochure:
Networks of Excellence, Key for the future of EU research, Success stories in the Materials domain.
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